Bride Problems

1. You get cold feet when you get married and to add to your misery, your relatives start asking your questions like…


2. You are going to doubt your decision… oops I did it again 🙂


3. Love marriage or Arrange marriage? Be prepared with your answer!


4. Excited!! Well, yeah, of course..


5. The pre-wedding workout is one major task for every bride- at the end, you got to look good in that heavily invested lehenga which you will never wear again 😉


6. Tiring visits to shopping malls, markets, jewelry shops and boutiques for an entire month or maybe more is going to get on your nerves!


7. You will become nostalgic. You will think about the good time spent at home with your family which will make you all cranky. Even an old picture in album will make you cry… 🙁


8. Yes, this does happen! Be prepared. 😀


To all the brides to be. Wish you all the luck and happiness on your new start.  I am sure you gonna have the best day of your life.

Mumbai Ki Chori

Mumbai Ki Chori

Purvi is passionate about travel and a fitness enthusiast. She is Industries' leading Graphics Artist, begin exploring world many years back and stated her blog to share all her travel and lifestyle experience.

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