5 must-visit cities in Switzerland

With sparkling lakes, the scenic Alps, old town halls, high peaks, green fields covered with snow and delicious cheese fondue the country is filled with charm and has storybook like landscape. Switzerland is a well-managed nation, on time, safe and the locals are very friendly. If you are a Skier or a hiker, Switzerland is a must do.

We covered Switzerland through 5 cities in 5 days; Lucerne, Zurich, Gstaad, Saanen, and Bern.

For Lucerne, we had booked a package and stayed in Ibis Budget hotel our transport and sightseeing were also pre-booked by the travel agent and hence was reasonably cheap, well for rest of cities, I was fortunate to be hosted by my Friend Kunika who stays in Zurich. If you are planning to visit in Zurich prepare to shell out somewhere close to 20,000 INR for 3-4 days twin sharing rooms near the city.

Pro-tip: The best way to visit the country is research about the place you visiting and pre-plan and pre-book tickets for budget traveling.

I visited Switzerland in April, it was cold and was lucky to experience snowfall in Lucerne. Here are the places that I have been to in Switzerland;


Lucerne is one of the best places in Switzerland! The town has a medieval touch with historic buildings, covered bridges and the mountains in the background just add to its beauty.

The city is famous for the 5 things mentioned below;

Mt. Pilatus:

Located at 2073 meters high you can access this snow-clad mountain via cable car or hike it if you visit in summer. The Mountains have an epic view to offer.

Did you know Mt. Pilatus is the steepest in the world? If the weather is clear, you get a stunning panoramic view of the Lucerne city.

Lucerne Lake:

5 must-visit cities in Switzerland 1

Cruise around the lake, ride on the steamer boat where you can soak in the beauty of Lucerne with a glass of wine or hot chocolate.


Cheese Fondue

If you are a cheese or chocolate lover I would recommend trying the fondue but make sure to look out a place which has good reviews before going in. Dive in the fondue with a wide variety of dips across the platter. Get ready to pick your skewer and taste the finest cheese in Swiss.

Tip: Never forget to check the ratings and review before entering in a food joint in this place, with every restaurant offering fondue, not all of them are great.

Chapel bridge:

5 must-visit cities in Switzerland 2

One of the oldest bridges located on river Reuss is the most historic thing to capture in your camera. The bridge also acts as an art gallery showcasing the events in Swiss history, a walk through this is a must.

Lion Statue of Lucerne:


Designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen, a Danish sculptor and carved by Lucas Ahorn this monument is a symbol of the Swiss Guards who fought and gave up their lives.


As I mentioned courtesy, my friend, I stayed in Zurich for 3 days. Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and is the financial powerhouse of the nation, the cost of living here is among the highest in the world. To give you a perspective a 1-way train ticket from 1 point to another (15 mins ride) cost me Rs. 900 per person.

Here is where we went to Zurich;

Rhein Waterfall:

We started our 1st day with a day tour to Rhein Waterfall which is located at the outskirts of Zurich. It is the largest waterfall in Switzerland and Europe. Standing at the deck above the waterfall, experiencing the water splashing the feeling was splendid.

There are various packages that are offered at the waterfall, you can choose to see the castle or mighty rock or riding under the waterfall or do all, we had opted for the mighty rock which stranded right between the stream where the current flow and it was magical.

Zurich City Tour:

On our second day we took on the good old metro and as I mentioned a one-way ticket to the city centre from where I was staying costed us around Rs. 900 per person, it sure was the most expensive city that we have ever travelled.

Once in the city centre, there are many places that can be explored, we started with Zurich lake, marvelled at the beautiful old architectures around the city, a few cathedrals, a few ice-creams and burgers before we headed back home.

Gstaad & Saanen:

On day 3 of our, Zurich stays my friend planned a road trip to Gstadd and Saanen. We started the day early morning and drove through the mountains to reach this place. The 2 towns are about 4 km apart, we entered the old town of Gstaad and we walked across the village where iconic scenes of DDLJ was shot before moving to another site of DDLJ shoot Saanen village.

If you are a Bollywood buff then you are sure to enjoy this place, as with each site of the place, you will connect to the shots of DDLJ, Daar, etc.


5 must-visit cities in Switzerland 3

On the way back from Gstaad and Saanen, we visited the capital of Switzerland, Bern City. The old town, extraordinary clock, Switzerland’s tallest cathedral, Historical Museums, Swiss Federal Assembly and many more sights to see. We walked around the city and briefly gazed at the few sights that we could as it was our last day in Switzerland.

With so many memories, of the trip, we took the flight back to Mumbai next day morning, I was glad that I extended my stay and Switzerland and met my darling friend who was not only a good host but also my tour guide.

I hope you liked reading my blog, do drop in your comments if you have any queries about this place.

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