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We all at some point desire to stay fit, lose weight and frankly, I am sure a lot of us have joined the gym as a part of new year resolution but eventually couldn’t continue. Not because of lack of desire, but due to lack of time. If you find working out at the gym or jogging too much time consuming, perhaps you can try workout from home.

I recently came across – they sell resistance bands with surface sliders for a daily workout.

What is the resistance bands?

Resistance band are bands made from latex which has great elasticity, it comes in different thickness from light to extra-heavy weight. These bands are light, easy to carry around when travelling. Different versions help in different muscles workout for the body.

In this blog, I will introduce different Workout from home or travelling that you can do with the resistance bands and sliders.



  • Can train anywhere- home, office even while travelling.
  • Low-Cost Asset compared to gym fees.
  • Sole Resistance while working out compared to weight training.
  • Resistance Band Workouts can train all mechanisms of the body.
  • Creativity and Variety in the number of workouts.
  • Improves core stability and joint mobility.
  • It provides movements for intricate multi-joint plus muscle movements like walking, jumping, running etc.


  • Difficult to count and ration gains in the body.
  • Cannot reflect on the training program to determine progress.
  • Difficult to build a muscle mass compared to weight training.

Well, if you are a regular gym person and not workout from home person, you can still add a 5-10 minutes resistance workouts after your weight training. This way it will give the best result and will train your body to look, feel and move better.

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The Workout:

The Workout routine could well be of 20 to 30 minutes, it must be highly intense interval training to ensure some visible results. Here is the routine.

The exercise is divided into 3 sequences for different parts of the body, you can take 10-20 seconds break between workouts depending on your capacity.

Most important tip: Keep breathing, do not hold your breath while working out.

Sequence 1:

Bear Crawl (Arm Triceps Taps) 15 reps

Curl with Press & Reverse Lunge 20 reps, 10 per leg

Slider Knee Tuck 20 reps, 10 per leg

Standing Reverse Taps 20 reps, 10 per leg

Sequence 2:

Squat with Donkey Kick 20 reps, 10 per leg

Squat Steps with Jacks 15 reps

Two Squat Steps 15 reps

Sequence 3:

Bent Over Row Left 20 reps

Bent Over Row Right 20 reps

Slider Knee Tuck 20 reps

Sequence 1:

Bear Crawl (Arm Triceps Taps)

Crawl forward and backwards while pushing against the resistance band to stimulate your glutes. You can crawl 5 steps ahead and 5 steps back to get to the starting position. This workout will help you boost your shoulder stability and strengthens your core.

band work out

Curl with Press & Reverse Lunge

Standing straight with the band folded around hands and your palms facing out, pull it to the top. Step your left foot back into a lunge with your hands holding high. Bring it back to the original position and repeat the same with your right foot.

Workout from home - Resistance Bands Workout 1

Standing Side Taps

Put your band around your ankles, position your feet just as wide as your shoulders. Tap your left foot out to the left, hold on for 5 seconds and bring it back to the original start position. Repeat the same with your right foot, you can do it alternatively to complete the sequence. This works the gluteus and the thighs a good form of a cardio workout as you will do it without any break.

band workout

Standing Reverse Taps

Similar to the standing side taps, you will start in the same position, but this time instead of stepping to the side, you will step back your left foot and tap. Repeat the same with your right foot or do it alternatively. This workout will make you feel the pressure on your stationary leg as well making your glute work better.

workout from home

Sequence 2:

Squat with Donkey Kick

This workout is a combination of 2 basic exercises start with the standing position placing your band around your ankles and squat by tightening your core and glutes. Now stand back to the original position and do a donkey kick with your left leg and repeat the same process alternatively with your right leg too.

resistance band workout

Squat Jacks

Put your band around your ankles, position your feet just as wide as your shoulders. Get ready for the squat- bend your knees lowering your body until the crease of your hip is in line or under your knees. Now push with your heels and jump up returning your body to the beginning position.

Workout from home - Resistance Bands Workout 2

Squat Steps

This is a simple workout, as we do normal squats, we do the same here with our resistance band around the ankles or above your knees.

resistance band workout

Sequence 3:

Bent over Row Left

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart place your left leg on the resistance band, bend your knee slightly and lean over the hips and pull the other end of the band with your left hand. Now flex your elbow and pull the band towards the side of your waist and lower your hand back to the starting position.

Bent over Row Right

Similar to the Left one, we repeat the same process with your right leg and hand. This workout helps you target your Lats, chest, and triceps.

workout from home

Slider Knee Tuck

Forming a high plank position and placing your both feet on sliders, tighten your core and pull both feet towards your chest. Do not let your upper body lean forward. And push feet back to the original start position.

workout from home

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog about workout from home if you are a beginner ensure that you have a trainer around so that you can avoid any injury. You can buy these resistance bands here.

Workout from home - Resistance Bands Workout 3Workout from home - Resistance Bands Workout 4

Resistance Bands and Core Sliding Discs



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