My weight loss journey

Losing weight is one of the toughest thing that I have experienced, it is a big task. For anyone who thinks just going to the gym could do the trick for you. You are in here for a surprise.

The task of weight loss involves, healthy eating, regular work out, and having the same frame of mind without loosing on end goal (Most difficult thing.) If you have the SELF CONTROL and right Motivation, trust me you are going to stay healthy forever.

For long my idea of staying healthy or losing weight was eating less, skipping meals, and starving your body which is completely wrong and does a lot of harm to your body.

In this blog, I am here to share my experience of my weight loss journey and the mistakes I made which you should completely avoid.

Class 10th Vacation

My weight loss journey 1

My mom was worried about my weight as I ate almost half of Chicken meal cooked for the family, she wanted me to lose weight so that I feel confident and look beautiful.

As I finished my Class 10th exams, she devoted her time on helping me lose my weight. I actually didn’t care if I was fat or not, it really didn’t bother me much, probably because I was not at the age to think about it.

I still remember how my mom made me do Yoga every morning and evening for 1 hour daily, even if when it was a vacation. She ensured I ate the right food and in small quantity because I loved eating rice, ghee, chips, biscuits etc and all in large quantity, she would give me 2 chapatis and sabji for Lunch and the same for dinner, for snacks she gave me 2 biscuits and tea to munch on. I lost about 5 Kgs in 3 months, it was a great achievement for my mom and she was happier than I was. 😉

First time in College

My weight loss journey 2

Eventually after vacation when my college started, I realized that losing weight is one thing, what is even more difficult is to maintain it. I had the difficult task of ignoring my cravings as my mom wouldn’t be in my college to stop me from eating junk.

Since I was through with Yoga or workout and didn’t want to do any more of it (Bad decision.) I thought of skipping meals to stay in shape. (Worst decision of my life.)

I did lose a few kgs with skipping meals, and as I experimented with this practice for the whole hear but there is a price you pay for everything. This extreme diet and no work out affected my metabolism rate, my skin turned a little pale as I lacked enough proteins in minerals needed for my body and I had a few incidents when I fainted due to low BP which was because of lack of food intake.

When I was 18 years old…

My weight loss journey 3

2008 I started to follow a proper diet with Yoga and Basic work out, only this time without skipping meals. It needed a lot of dedication and control to be regular with something like this. Especially, when results are not instant and it is a long wait.

When things were running smoothly for me and as I was remaining in steady weight bracket, I got carried away and stopped Yoga and Diet, I gained a few pounds that year.

Panicked and lost a lot of weight

My weight loss journey 4

One of the worst year for me, as I was frustrated with my gained weight and I Panicked!!!

I did what I promised never to do, but we take the wrong decisions when we are angry, I took one of completely avoiding food and eating enough to pass through the day.

I did lose weight, not 5 Not 10 but 15 kgs straight and it had a very bad side effect on my body and hair. I started having hair fall and my liver got really weak because of all this.

I regret my foolish action, the hair fall was so drastic that I could see my scalp, I still get goosebumps even thinking about those days where I used to cry whole day regretting my idea of weight loss.

Gaining weight to get back normal

My weight loss journey 5

Still going through the traumatic part of my life I was advised by my doctor to put on 10 kgs as soon as possible so I could get my body back to the stable level.

It was ironic, as the only thing I have ever heard was to Lose weight. 

I had to eat 6-7 bananas a day, butter rice, and lot of other food to gain back my lost weight. I also underwent hair fall treatment.

Maintaining weight with my first job

My weight loss journey 6

Soon after college, I was lucky to get a job, it was in Colaba, Mumbai. As I would be travelling to and fro to work, I thought to my self, I must eat right, and walk to maintain the balance.

I did exactly that, I often walked to the workplace from the station and back. I ate only home cooked food, despite being surrounded by so many mouth-watering restaurants around.

I was successful in maintaining my healthy weight even with my office work. So was quite happy how I had learnt my lesson and ate right.

Through my Post graduation college…

My weight loss journey 7

After a good previous year, I took admission for PG course in Mass media in Bandra and soon shifted there as commuting would be difficult all the time with college work and presentations.

I soon found myself in the middle of college presentations and group discussions and as I was not at my home, I didn’t have the privilege of home cooked food.

Forget eating healthy, eating on time also got difficult due to college load. But I ate whenever I could as this time I made sure not skip any meal even though I couldn’t get time to work out.

Job after Post graduation

My weight loss journey 8

Right after college, I was relieved that there was no more pressure of college presentations and I could focus again on my workout and proper diet but because it was a desk job achieving it was difficult.

I tried to replace a workout with walking to-fro from the station, I also tried to join aerobics early morning batch but because I have to get to work in 9 am Dadar (1-1.5 hours) from my place. I quit aerobics in 2 months.

I didn’t gain much weight, but I was feeling restless, as I was not working out.

Working from home time

My weight loss journey 9

I quit my job, as I wanted to walk this path of entrepreneurship and work on something that I like on my terms. I found a good time to work out in my daily routine.

I spent 1 hour daily in work out and ensured healthy eating, although there was work pressure as it was the first time I was working directly with client and meeting deadlines. I managed to survive through the phase without harming my body further. 🙂

My learning about body types

My weight loss journey 10

When I was 26, I realized that I gain weight as soon as I stop working out and there is nothing wrong with me. But it is just the body type that I have.

There are 3 body types

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  1. Ectomorph: Lean and long, with difficulty in building muscles
  2. Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells
  3. Endomorph: Big, high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat

And not all respond to workout and diet in a similar manner, my husband found it difficult to gain weight, but I gained weight instantly as I stopped working out. His body wouldn’t lose much shape if he skips a workout but mine did gain a lot if I skipped working out.

So I accepted this and focused on working out regularly to remain in shape, with my marriage date fixed, I wanted to look perfect for my lehenga without extra fat bulging around my waist. I dedicated my time to eating healthy salads, dals, oats, etc. Along with daily dynamic work out.

Weight management with Marriage…

My weight loss journey 11

I did manage to look perfect for my lehenga and happily rejoiced the moment, but this was not the end. I wanted to do everything right not just for the moment but forever. I joined the gym, consulted a dietitian and trained myself to strengthen my muscles.

I was now seeing things clearly with an open mind and have developed the right approach for a healthy body. I focused on the right food, regular gym and doing this on repeat.

At times when I skipped my routine gym, I use to not skip and eat protein-rich food to keep my body toned. I could feel the control over my body, and also understood the difference as to what I was doing wrong for these many years. Trust me doing anything the right way is going to lead the right path rather than you experimenting with your body and skipping meals.

2 years of Gym.

My weight loss journey 12

It has been over 2 years since I have been working out in the gym, I have managed to maintain my same body weight of the time I was married without much change. I can still fit in my wedding dress, which to me is a big achievement as I had fluctuating weight all the time.

I feel confident doing things, it is something that I credit to my lost weight.

Here is what I learned through my weight loss journey.

Yoga, when coupled with the correct diet, helps.

Extreme diets, skipping meals helps you lose weight for the short term, but it has a worse effect on your body. Some of the side effects include pale skin, liver problem, hair loss, Low blood pressure, etc.

Never ever take decisions when you are upset or angry, it will turn out to be your worst decision. My decision to skip meal had affected my body.

Easiest thing in life is to give up something, when everything is working right or when things are just not working. Remember, Apna time aayega, keep doing the good work always and forever.

It is very important to make eating habits and workout part of your daily chores, similar to bathing or brushing.

A workout can get difficult with household chores or office, but believe me, you only need 45 minutes to 1 hour of your time for this. You really should never skip on working out.

Your body is unique in its own way, do not compare your weight loss or gain with someone else’s body. Each individual has a unique metabolism and body time that reacts differently to different things.

Consult a dietitian before going off or on a certain meal plan, every food has certain vitamins and minerals and dietician helps you understand what food is right for your body.

You will feel the confidence to do anything after you lose weight and remain fit.

The challenge is not to be first, but to remain first. So don’t just workout to fit in your long gown, workout to remain in that shape forever.

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