My experience of Art of Living Course

Art of Living Course

In this hectic world, we often forget that what is “breathing” like? We only realize it when we run short of it. E.g. When we run to catch a bus, train, get excited, etc.

And with changing lifestyles and needs, we often get hooked to things we don’t need and cry for things we don’t have.

With a lot of persuasion by my Husband, I decided to do Happiness Course by Art of Living.

Why did I decide to opt for it?

For an over a year now I am having health issues, it is something that is very troublesome and has made me unstable. Not that I am losing my mind, but yes, losing some focus from important things in life.

Although my loving husband always tries to help me through with his motivational talks and honestly he is the reason why I have survived through the troubled times.

But it was time to take things in my own hands and that is why I decided to do this course.

Happiness Program Course

The Program takes place over three or six days. You can check for course nearby through their website here.Β

The program is very much centric to building resilience with mind mastery, reducing stress, learn meditation and relax deeper.

I opted for a 6-day Happiness Program.

Art of Living Course

My Learnings from Course

If I open the pandora box of what happened in course, I would be doing injustice to you for not experiencing what really happens in the course. The course involves learnings of breathing exercises, yoga and life learnings.

I am sharing some of my learnings here.

  1. Accepting faults in others is the first step of coming in peace with yourself.
  2. Your breathing holds the magic to what your body can potentially unlock for you.
  3. Do not be the football of other people’s opinion, people with differences can co-exist in the same universe. We do not necessarily need to change one’s perspective.
  4. You get back what you give. Think good, be good, live good and you will surely be happy for a lifetime.

I can hardly comprehend the magnitude of change this course has brought in my perspective, my only suggestion here is. If you ever value anything I suggest, this course ranks right at the top of the mountain of my suggestions.

Do the course and you will know the difference.

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