How to surprise your Husband

Planning one of the first things we learn in our management. It is one of the first lessons I learned during my management course.While this post is not about planning, it is a Birthday Surprise that I gave to my Husband/Fiance/BF/Love of my Life.
So this post includes planning, organizing, and execution of a plan made 2 months prior to his birthday. Hope you guys enjoy the read.

The Struggle of Planning

It is a struggle to give a surprise to a person with whom you stay and even a more difficult task when you stay with that person all day and night.
I and My husband work together in our own Content Solutions Company and are never away from each other, so it was a real 2 months struggle for me to plan his birthday it was a constant struggle as he is around all the time and hiding things 24×7 but I somehow managed to have the moments to work it all.
(Of, course without affecting my daily work routine)
It started 2 months prior as I hardly got time during the week to jot down all the requisites and had to sneak out on Sundays in the name of Shopping or Metime to execute what I jotted down during the week.

Here is what I had to plan


I had already thought of what type of cake I wanted for his birthday, I have even pinned down few cakes images for reference. I wanted something in chocolate with macrons on it. After a little struggle, I found out this place- Bonnies Bakery in Mulund, which my colleague suggested and trust me the cake was mindblowing.
My struggle: Though I was looking for a 1/2kg cake, but the kind of cake I liked was only available in 1and1/2kg honestly I don’t regret getting the larger cake, as everyone loved it
How to surprise your husband
Macron Cake from Bonnie’s Bakery


My plan was to gift him a good sports shoe which he had asked for, but me being me, I always do a little more. I went ahead and got around 20 gifts for him, which included a wallet, Protein bars to clothes etc. The list is endless.
The twist here was I had gift-wrapped each thing with a heart shape envelope and a note mentioning Guess What’s inside? and Timing details as to when it is to be opened. But this idea didn’t work out for me, as my husband was very much excited to open all of them at once. I had planned a big box and had kept these 20 wrapped gifts in it.
The Heart Shape Envelope DIY: I came across this on Pinterest and found it really exciting and easy to do. I printed out Gold & Black color heart shape cutouts and followed the steps here.
My Struggle: My husband has access to my emails as it is on the same work network, so every time I ordered something, I had to hide it from my mailbox, ensure he is unaware of depleting balance in my bank account and also doesn’t see messages in my phone.

Room Decor

I started searching for ideas on Pinterest and came across many DIYs and Bday Room Suprise ideas. I decided to go with Gold & Black theme for the night. Which I maintained it across for Gift Wrappers, Ribbons, Envelopes, Buntings etc.


1- Balloons:

As my theme was Gold & Black, I got Oval shaped balloons from the stationery shop. I had blown around 60 balloons to decorate the room and most of them I kept it on the floor lying.
How to surprise your Husband 1

2- Ribbons:

I had got golden string ribbon for decoration and gift wrapping the big box. These ribbons are easily located at any stationery shop nearby.
How to surprise your Husband 2

3- Bunting:

I found it difficult to get Gold & Black color bunting, so I looked out for the color themes and placed it on an A3 size paper in the triangle shape on my Illustrator software.
I got this printed off about 5 copies, the final step is to stick them on a ribbon keeping an equal amount of space as you want.
How to surprise your Husband 3

4- Ferry Lights + Polaroid Frames:

I got these ferry lights during Diwali which was 60Rs one string. I knew exactly which wall I wanted these lights on, so I started placing the lights on the wall with white tape. The wooden clips I already had it, which I had got from Crawford a few years back. Once you finished with taping the ferry lights you can then cut out your polaroid frames and start clipping on the gaps in between the lights string.

Chocolate Letter:

For all the puns that he keeps throwing at me, I had to give him this one, but in my own way. So I went ahead and penned the letter in a way that has all the words from the chocolates that I stuck on the letter.
Chocolates sourced from Vile Parle – Alfa market. ( Pocket-friendly, cost)
Requisites: Glue, black chart paper, and gold color pen and voila…here is my creation.
How to surprise your Husband 4

Pineapple Champagne:

I was love struck with this idea when I came across it on Pinterest. Without giving more thoughts to this, I got the Ferrero Rochers from Alfa Market which I got at a great discount price. I picked up a Chandon Rose Champagne which cost me around 1.8k and it’s easily available at wine shops. Lastly, I needed was Fevicol Glue Sticks and Green crepe paper.
How to surprise your Husband 5

Surprise & Bigger Surprise

I had told my husband that we are going to campaigning the following morning to Lonavala in train since he has not learned to ride the bike even after so many years of the request.
Poor guy got up early as the scheduled time for the train was 9 am only to further be surprised that we are not going by train but Car with the driver, thanks to his Mom.
Enroute, when we were nearing the destination he gets the shock of his life that we were never going for campaigning but a luxury sky villa stays in Lonavala. This left him speechless (well of course because he must be calculating about how expensive the hotel was) also because this was the villa that in our previous trip to friends Bungalow he had liked the view of it from the passing car.
All in all, it was a great fun to plan it whole because all the pieces fell in the right place. Thanks to my parents who helped me doing the DIYs & hiding all the gifts from him and friends who helped me to get this day right and as planned.
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