How to stop binge eating?

Binge eating is frequently eating unusually large amount of food in one sitting, even when you are not hungry. This is a serious trouble in binge watching generation of ours, watching netflix web series and binge eating. The sickness is called BED- Binge Eating Disorder, it is a common eating disorder across the globe.

Having come trough depression of weight and other bodily troubles, binge eating affected me as well, I ate endless junk food even though I was not hungry.

If you are suffering through this disorder, all you need to do is have more control power and get some habits changed for good. Here are a few tips on how you can stop binge eating:

1. Cleanup your fridge

Cleanliness begins at home and so does this cleansing activity, get rid of all the junk food from your fridge, either give it away or give it to poor kids on streets. Do as mentioned and never get in the zone where you say, “Let me finish what is left, and there after no more junk.” This never happens, if you wish to action, action now. Not tomorrow, not Monday, but now.

Get rid of all processed foods, chips, candies, frozen food, pre-cooked packaged food, etc, replace them with veggies, fruits, eggs, nuts, seeds etc.

2. Practice Yoga

Yoga is the best way to get your control over the body, it helps both body and mind to reduce stress and relax. Yoga involves breathing exercises, meditation and asana that encourages healthy eating and lower down the anxiety. Yoga helps to level down the stress hormones which can help reduce distress, depression and gives you better control over binge eating.

You can either join some yoga classes or even try out at homes with the help of online videos. If you have a gym membership or facility around your complex you can head out to do some cardio or workout which also could prevent binge eating

3. Do not skip breakfast

Never ever skip your breakfast, as the name suggests you are breaking a 7-9 hour fast and eating your first meal. Start with a healthy breakfast. Following a healthy eating pattern can lower the levels of ghrelin, the hormone that arouses the hunger feeling within your body.

Feed your body with protein and the right food that would curb the food craving through the day, you can always opt to combine your breakfast with fibre-rich food such as fruits, grains, eggs, veggies etc.

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4. Sleep right

Study shows that short sleep hours can result in a higher level of hunger hormones (ghrelin) and lower levels of leptin (hormones which keep you full.)

Sleeping eight hours a day is important to keep your appetite in control and reduce the risk of binge eating. Sleep can impact your hunger level and sleep deprivation can be linked to BED.

5. Drink water

Drinking water throughout the day is the best way to stop overeating in fact, according to the research water helps your decrease the calorie consumption.

The logic behind this is if you drink water before your meals your chances of feeling hungry reduces and increases the feeling of fullness in your body. Also, drinking 2-3 liters of water every day can boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight. Always make sure to keep yourself well hydrated.

6. Do not skip meals

Always make sure to eat your meals on time and do not skip it, because skipping can lead to cravings and result in overeating. Schedule your meals and stick to a healthy meal plan daily. Also, do not eat large meals as they increase the blood sugar and ghrelin (hunger stimulate Hormone) in your body.

You can breakdown the meal into small portions and eat in frequent intervals. This way you can set an eating schedule and will help you stop binge eating.

7. Eat more protein

Increasing the protein intake in your body helps you stay full and your helps appetite. Some of the protein-rich food are chicken, eggs, seed, nuts, veggies etc you can include them in every meal and enjoy the protein-rich food when you feel hungry to keep that craving away.

BED- Binge Eating Disorder is a common issue and can happen to any individual especially who are in stress, depression or having an anxiety issue. But you can always get over this disorder by simply getting more control power on your body and following a good healthy lifestyle.

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