Cycling Tour Colaba-Chowpatty

Exploring your city has a completely different experience that you can gain. When we say Explore first thing that comes to our mind is travelling the world far away from our home, but we forget the fact that we have more places to explore within our city which we are not aware of.

If we are Mumbaiker than do we know our Mumbai well? The answer to this is to explore the city and get familiarised with it.

Now you would be wondering how can we explore the city while sitting in an AC car with traffic? But what if I say there is an alternative, what if you explore the city early morning with no traffic and great weather on a cycle?

Yes, you heard me right. Cycling is the best option to unwind and avoid the bustling traffic and routine and enjoy the trip without any hustle.

About Cycle Tours:

I had come across these tours while I was browsing online, so was very much aware of how the tour functions.
I booked a Breakfast Cycle Tour, from Colaba to Chowpatty through Wandering Souls, it was a great experience that I could cherish it lifetime.

Many cycling tours happen across Mumbai city, you can pick what fits you the best. There are midnight cycling tour from Colaba to Worli, Breakfast Cycle tour from Colaba to Chowpatty and many more. You can pick a tour depending on your endurance and wild factor within you.

Cycling Tour Colaba-Chowpatty 2


The costing for cycle tour from Colaba to Chowpatty was 699/- pp which included Cycle, Equipment and Breakfast. If you already have a cycle then you will only have to pay 350/- pp. The prices mentioned above are for the Cycle Tour Booked via Wandering Souls, their costing is very reasonable and worth the experience. Other groups organise the cycling tour but their costing was comparatively higher, but you can still check them out at

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Hers how it works:

The cycling tours will start at the starting point of your package. Our meetup point was at Colaba Causeway and we were asked to report at 6:30 am so I had caught an early morning fast local starting from Thane to CST. You can always opt to take your vehicle or cab depending on your flexibility. Once the meetup is done the rented cycles are distributed, you can choose between gear or non-gear cycle whichever you are more comfortable with. They also provide Helmet and Green jacket for your safety. 

Our cycle tour started at Colaba and ended at the same point if in case you are cycling from Colaba to Matunga than at the endpoint they will arrange for the cycle pick up. But if you wish to discontinue your ride in between then you are supposed to transport the cycle back at the starting point. The entire cycle tour will take about roughly 3-4 hours if you pick a Breakfast Colaba to Chowpatty Tour.

Cycling Tour Colaba-Chowpatty

My Experience:

Riding through the empty lanes of South Bombay on a Sunday morning and exploring the iconic sites of Aamchi Mumbai was a hell of an experience. The complete cycle tour distance is about 16kms and the endurance level is easy unless you finding it a struggle to balance your cycle. 

Our first stop was Hotel, Taj near Gateway of India, where we all introduced ourselves and clicked some good pictures with the entire group and team. Our tour guide was very helpful and organised the entire cycle tour very orderly. There was a total of 3 team members from WanderingSoul- one person at the start and second person who would help us cross signals and difficult turns and a third person who would be at the end of the tail. We all are instructed to follow the first person in one lane- one after the other on the left side of the road. 

We covered some of the most iconic sites of Mumbai including- Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Mumbai High Court, Horniman Circle, Flora Fountain, Marine Drive and Chowpatty. There are mini stops that are included while the tour, where you can stop and click some pictures with group or selfies as you wish to. At the end of the tour once you submit your cycle we headed to an iconic restaurant- Madras Cafe in Colaba for some scrumptious breakfast. There was some set menu which we would pick any 2 and any 1 from tea, coffee or lemon juice. We ordered Poha, idli and dosa along with some filter coffee which was a delight to have after the ride. 

The best part about these tours is you meet new people and by the end of the trip, you get to know each other so well that they are no stranger to you.

Things you would come across while your tour:

  1. Leopold Café
  2. Taj Mahal Palace
  3. Gateway of India
  4. Regal Cinema
  5. Rajabhai Clock Tower
  6. Bombay High Court
  7. Flora Fountain
  8. Horniman Circle
  9. Asiatic Library
  10. CST
  11. Marine Drive
  12. Taraporewala Aquarium
  13. Girgaon Chowpatty

Things to Carry:

Every tour group would ask to get a Mandatory list of things that you need to carry.
1. Identity Proof
2. Water Bottle
3. Signed Waiver Form
4. Small Backpack to keep things in it
5. Raincoat or Poncho (Monsoon Season)
6. You can also bring protein bars, glucose, or medicine if need be.
P.S. Try to keep your backpack light so you can enjoy your cycle tour comfortably and do not carry any sling back as that would cause trouble while riding.

The cycle tour was a great experience for me, and I am so excited to go for the next one soon.



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