14 Affordable Home decor You Can Buy on Amazon

While browsing through the electronics section of Amazon, I happen to see their home décor and lucky me I got the good stuff sticking to my budget.

The most challenging part about is to browse from their wide range of products they have to offer for one right. To scope out the very best products, I scoured many sites and rounded up some of the best and most economical home accents that Amazon has to offer.

Scroll down to check out the product I purchased;

1. Polyester-Square Cushion Fillers

I bought the cushion fillers 16×16 inches, pack of 5 for my sofa from Amazon. It is Non-woven polyester from outside, and the inner filling comes with conjugated fiber. This is essential for your living room, and I got these at a great price. Price: 420/-

2. Cushion Covers

With fillers comes the cushion covers on my list, as my interiors are designed to be a minimal and solid color theme- I was adamant on picking grey, white pillow covers. To my surprise, I got the Set of 6 exactly how I had imagined it. 100% cotton covers with abstract designs on it. I was shocked to see the same cushion cover priced at 200 Rs. per-cover which I could grab 6 of them at Rs. 725

3. Hand Knitted Round Pouffe stool for Living Room

While browsing I came across this cool Pouffe Stool for my living room- it fitted so well in the corner as per my expectation. At the start, I was sceptic of buying it but looking at the cost I thought of taking a risk. And as said the product was up to the mark and as shown in the thumbnail. Price: 1,399/-

4. Cotton Chair Pad (Box Cushion)

Another similar product I got from Amazon was Cotton chair pad, it was a must for my living room, as my sofa is 3-seater and with more guest, you will end up needing it. Trust me!! Usability wise I give it full marks, and money wise too it is a pocket-friendly product. Price: 730/-

5. Cinematic Lightbox Led Changeable Letter & Symbols Tiles

Next thing on my agenda was to, but the cinematic lightbox led, I had seen it across so many cafes, and I found it to be fancy and eye-catching. I had looked upon many websites for this product, but I got the best price on Amazon. Price: 999/-

6. Cloth Covers (Saree Covers)

After marriage, you tend to stock up a lot of Indian wear both kurtas set and sarees. What best than the ultimate packing covers to keep your dresses intact and ready to use. I am fond of wearing Indian wear, but rare are the occasions that I attend wearing them, so this has made my life easy to stock them up in my wardrobe. Price: 499/-

7. Drawer Organizers

These are another time saver product I got from Amazon. It makes my life so easy to keep my lingerie easy to use and store back in. Another good thing about using this is that your drawers stay organized and it is easy to find exactly what you need from it at one go. Price: 499/-

8. White Oil Paint Marker Type

I already had the fancy chalkboard stickers for my kitchen jars all I needed was a white marker. So, without thinking much, I got the marker, and it sticks to what it promises.  (Fast dry after writing, Oil-based ink, writing smooth, waterproof, does not fade) Price: 100/-

9. Elephant Shape Kitchen Sink Drain Cutlery Storage Box

This thing got my attention when I was browsing through PropShop24.com, and suddenly it strikes me how about I check the same product on Amazon- and to my surprise, I got the same product on Amazon for 100 less. This product collects the excess runoff water into the sink and keeps my kitchen counter free and dry. Price: 289/-

10. Set of 2 Stainless steel Soap Dispenser

To keep my kitchen, sink dry and clean I always keep two soap dispensers one with hand wash and other with utensil wash liquid. It just keeps my sink clutter free and dry. Price: 480/-

11. 100% Melamine Plates & Bowls (Pack of 12)

I needed the dining set that matches my home-decor so it had to be white and grey and of course microwave-safe. This one fit my requirement. Price: 1,299/-

12. Multipurpose Anti Slip Grip Mat

These are the must buy, before setting up the kitchen drawers. I always make sure to use them, so the drawers can stay clean and do not get stained. The product was worth every penny spent. Price: 497/-

13. Wrap Reusable Silicone Food Bags

I wasn’t much sure about its usage, but I thought I could give a try once purchased. But to be honest, it is not much of a use to me as I am not much into storing food as I hardly cook. Price: 139/-

14. Reusable Airtight Food Storage Mason Jar Bags

I found them cute, and I use them to store chopped veggies and other food products. They come in different sizes with mason jar design and suitable for storing food in the refrigerator. Price: 279/-

Happy shopping!

Also, be sure to let me know if you snag any of these great home décor items in the comments!

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