Firstly, for all those who skip breakfast, understand it is very important to eat one. You have been starving your food of any intake since your dinner last night and all that was eaten is mostly digested in your morning natures call.

Most people avoid as they feel too full when they have their breakfast, but here are some light breakfast options that are healthy and helps you remain active at the start of the day.

Indian breakfast

Indian food is often linked with being oily, buttery and spicy, which is true, and we cannot deny it, but there are enough options that can help you maintain body and lose weight without skipping any meal. In fact, here are 10 Indian breakfast that are healthy and protein rich.


It contains almost 70% of carbohydrates and 30% of fats, it’s a great option for breakfast because the carbs provide the energy you need for the daily start.

Poha is one of the favourite breakfast dishes across India, it is easily available in shops in the morning or you can cook it yourself without potatoes and with olive oil.


If you are eggetarian you can add egg-bhurji in your breakfast list. An egg is the good source of protein which our body needs, add some onions, chillies and coriander with olive oil and you are good to go with the bhurji.

If you want better results you can always use only the egg white for this dish. In fact, the healthier way to make an egg-bhurji is by adding some herbs, broccoli and pepper with it.

Steamed Idli

Idli is made from fermented rice batter and fermented food activates the distribution of minerals and vitamins which helps the digestion process faster.

Make sure to eat food that is easily edible as bad digestion can result in weight gain. Idlis carry no fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. It is the best option for a healthy breakfast and to lose weight.


Made from Rava- Semolina, Upma is an excellent breakfast option to lose weight like poha we can make it tasty by adding onions, tomatoes, chillies, coriander etc to spice up the taste.

Rave is also a good source of protein and is naturally low in fat which helps to keep your stomach full and to avoid unhealthy snacks item till lunch time.

Ragi Chilla

Ragi in your diet will surely help you lose weight, it contains an amino acid which helps in reducing the appetite and result in weight loss. It is rich in dietary fibre compared to the other grains and has healthy nutrients such as calcium, proteins, iron & vitamins.

It is a very simple recipe you can start by mixing the ragi flour with onions, chillies, coriander, salt and water, mix properly and spread out on the pan with olive oil, and there you go a healthy breakfast option to lose weight.

If you want, you can also opt for Besan Chilla (Gram Flour) as it does have the essential protein and keeps your stomach full for a good amount of time.

Suji Dhokla

Suji Dhokal is a combination of rava, curd, water and salt mix well to get steamed in a cooker for an amazingly soft and spongy instant dhokla. Just like the besan dhokla, you can garnish them with mustard & cumin seeds, coriander and curry leave to enhance the taste.

Suji is basically- Rava- Semolina which again like Upma gives the right amount of protein and helps you stay fitter. This dish provides the fibre and vital micronutrients from suji and curd which are the primary ingredients.


Dalia is one of the oldest Indian Cuisine. Loaded with nutrition, this high in fibre food can help you lose weight. The best part about Dalia is you can make it in several ways and eat not only for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner.

You can have a bowl of dalia in your daily diet and can cook it with milk, vegetables or anything of your choice. Mostly a bowl of dalia with milk is about 220 calories.

Boiled Cholas

Cholas contain a moderate number of calories and several vitamins and minerals, it is also a good source of fibre and protein. The protein and fibre work synergistically to slow digestion, as a result, you feel full for longer.

You can have boiled Cholas with salt, red chilli, pepper, onion, cucumber and tomatoes.

Moong Dal Chaat

Moong dal helps lose body fat and reduce calorie intake. It provides fibre and proteins, two important ingredients that help reduce.

Most of this fat loss will come from the abdominal area. You can boil it and eat it along with fresh vegetables like onions, tomatoes, cucumber and dash of lime.

Moong dal also helps build your immunity.


Cooked with a combination of spices and flavour, it mainly is made of wheat flour, masalas and fenugreek leaves.

They are low in calories and saturated fats, and most importantly very convenient to carry when you are travelling or rushing for a meeting.

You can also give your regular thepla a spin by adding oats to it.

Starting your day with the right food can make a whole lot of difference. Eating a healthy breakfast can help you curb cravings and keep you more focused on losing weight.

But please note that only eating healthy breakfast is not going to help you lose weight, be sure to have a nutritious diet the whole day with some good amount of workout.



Hi, I am Purvi, a graphic designer by profession, and foodie by passion. Catch me here at my pictorial blog.

March 8, 2019



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