Trek to Tikona

Striking off yet another task from my bucket list. Trek a fort

It was a last minute plan, as I had called Rahul (My friend) for client-related work to which he suggested postponing it for travel plans that he had made.
To my curiosity, I shamelessly asked him what is it?
He replied- “planning a solo bike ride and trek,” and I just drove myself in his plan.

Random but important packing items

As it was too late for me to plan or pack, I just randomly started pulling out essentials which were lying around at my place. I dumped everything in my laptop bag and somehow managed to fit the below in that small bag:
1- Protein Bar
2- First Aid
3- Towel
4- Extra Pair of clothes
5- Raincoat
6- Camera
7- Snacks
8- Mi action camera
9- Wallet
10- Toiletries


Journey details

I was really excited as it was my first biking experience, we started our journey early around 7:00 am in the morning. It was a long way ahead as we had to take the old Pune-Highway road to Lonavala and from there another hour drive to Kamshet.
Bike: Royal Enfield
Route: Old Pune-Highway Raod to Khandala and Lonavala Main Bazaar Raod to Kamshet. (There are three different routes to reach Kamshet- via Karla, via the Main Bazaar, and via Amby Valley)
Distance: 125km Approx
Time: 3 hours


Location details

The journey to the village was beautiful. The view of the Pawna dam, Kathingad and valleys are breath-taking. Tikona fort means triangle fort, it was ruled by the Silhara dynasty during the Maratha region. The trek is very simple and best for the beginners. You can easily reach the top within an hour plus descent is quite easy and fast.
Trek: Tikona Fort
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty Level: Easy
Height: 3500 ft. Feet approx
Region: Lonavala
Address: 18.6317°N 73.5128°E
Best Times: Monsoon and Winter

The trek

Bike ride and Trek was a perfect combination of adventure and thrill.
Once you climb the fort, from across the fort are the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains, accessible by a range. The valley, lake, dam, and mountains are simply marvellous and it adds beauty to that place.
The climb to the top gets a little tricky and difficult and might seem a little upright and that is due to the triangular shape of the fort.
But it is manageable as there are ropes whacked at one end for safety.

Struggle areas

While there are 1-2 washrooms at the start of the village entrance but beyond that, there is practically none. Making it a difficult task for a women climbers.
Unless you are a fan of Maharashtrian food like Poha, Bhaji, etc which is truly delicious. Keep light snacks in your backpack, as being a remote place you will not find the food of your choice.

The Wayback

On our way back we decided to explore another route so that we could explore the more picturesque beauty, hence we picked the Amby Valley Route, this certainly was the decision that we could never regret such beautiful and lavish green lands.
Our journey back was smooth and easy, we did take a lunch break and decided to eat at TRIOS food court.

So here it was another amazing travel diary of the trek to tikona.

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November 15, 2017



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