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It’s been almost three years (2 Years 9 Month) since I started this blog. I hardly could believe it and have never imagined when I could take my blog this far!

This blog shares my memories and experiences with you guys, though I am not the kind of person who likes to read or write much, getting the hang of expressing through words is my latest discovery of my own self. I try my best to confine down everything that I perceive about.

“Traveling – it leaves me speechless, then it turns me into a storyteller.”

Here is my personal travel bucket list that I have penned down:


This one is been pending for a while, hoping to check this out very soon. 🙂


This is very common, and I have done this in Goa many times, the sad part is I don’t have an image me doing it, but next time for sure will capture the moment.

Zipline Ride

I remember it was my birthday and the all-girl gang had decided to have some thrilling fun. Though it wasn’t the biggest zipline still I got a chance to experience it.

Fly in Seaplane

I would have easily checked this out from the list, but when I visited Andaman I couldn’t get hold of an individual who makes such arrangement. But not given up on this one, next time for sure when I visit an Island.

Fly in Helicopter

Very soon.

Fly Business Class or Private Jet

Not so soon, still a long way to go for this one.


When I visited Manali with my parents I was so excited to try this one, but to my luck, my dad didn’t allow as I was too small and it was risky.

Hot air balloon

Eagerly waiting for this one.

Flip on a Trampoline

Most of my adventure/thrilling activities have been stricken out when I visited Della, so they had this “Rocket Ejector” that takes you to a height of 30+ feet, and though this looked quite simple, believe it was a hell of a ride.

Jump Off a Cliff

Too soon to be achieved.


Probably when I go to a lakeside or seaside.

Ride ATVs

This was a crazy ride, I was too scared to ride it, but didn’t give up so easily.

Ride a Segway

I did this for the first time when I visited one of my friends’ place. They had some carnival going out at their complex. So I paid 100Rs just to try this out. I know it sounds crazy. But yes I did try without falling down or tripping on the ground.

Ride on a Scary Roller Coaster

This was my very first international trip covering SouthEast Asia. I got a chance to visit Genting Highland- theme park. And I was the only one who gave it a try and rest were too scared to join me. 😉

Swing at the “End of the World”

I wanted to do this when I visited Bali, so they have this big swing at the edge of the cliff, but I couldn’t get there as my driver wasn’t aware of this place. So I had to let it go that time.

Long Distance Bike Ride

This was very recent, It was a last minute plan, and all of a sudden me and my friend decide to go for an easy trek to Tikona, Pawana. And to add more adventure we decided to go on a bike.

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Go to the highest motorable road

So I have been to this place twice. You cannot have enough of this place when you visit Leh, Ladakh. Trust me it is worth a visit and especially during the month of October when it starts snowing.

Desert Safari

Have been to Dubai where I could experience the thrilling ride in the deserts.

Swoop Swing Ride

This one again at Della Adventure, Lonavala.

Scuba Dive

I must say it was one of the most thrilling adventures of my life. I am too scared of water and especially underwater dive give me creeps. In fact, I got a chance to try this out twice once in Bali water and Andaman seas.

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Whitewater Rafting

My first visit to Leh-Ladakh was interesting but not as thrilling as compared to the second one. I got a chance to try out the water rafting as I was accompanied by my group of friends on my second visit here.

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Relax in a Natural Hot Spring/Soak in the Blue Lagoon

I have actually been to a Natural Hot water spring but both of them were too tiny to even fit myself in it. Recently I had visited a Hot water spring in Jarkem, Shillong. That place was under construction as they are building huge concrete bath area for tourist to come and enjoy the spring.

Stand Under a Waterfall

There is an endless number of waterfalls in Bali, like Tegenungan Waterfall, Gitgit Waterfall and many more. It was one of the best experience where one can merge with nature.

Charter a Yacht

Yet to be done.


Partially done but I always felt scuba diving is a better version as compared to snorkelling.


Soon to be done. Probably next ear when I visit Europe. Fingers Crossed.

Go on a cruise

This is mostly going to happen when I will be celebrating my anniversary with him.

Stay/Visit/Eat at the Boat & Underwater Hotel

For this, I have to start saving from now. :p

Explore a Cave

Well, this actually a task for me. I feel claustrophobic when I go in a packed or too cluttered place. But I have to let go of my fear and try this out on my next visit to a cave. P.S. I have been to a LimeStone Cave in Baratang, Andaman Island.


Again this one at Della Adventures.

Play a Game of Paintball

This one too. 🙂

Walk a Suspension Bridge

There are many Suspension bridges across Meghalaya. I had a chance to cross this one when I visited the Sacred Forest of Mawphlang in Shillong.

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Climb a Volcano

This one is yet to be discovered.

Climb to the tree house

This was my very first experience. Shillong has these Tree Houses at few tourist spot with an entry fee of Rs.20. It was a great climb up there.

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Hike a Trail/Trekking

Striking off yet another task on my bucket list. Trek to Tikona fort near Pawana Lake, Lonavala.

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Sleep in an Igloo

Sure when I turn into a polar bear. Hehehe.

Go on a Safari

This was my first Night safari experience. It was a great show, couldn’t capture good images as it was night time. But here is a small video.

Go on a camping

Have been to a Night Camping at Pawana Lake. It was a decent experience. The best fun was at Dhanu at Yamunavan Camps.

Climb a Lighthouse

Soon when I discover Europe.

Vacation Solo

The best ever SOLO trip to Shillong, Meghalaya. It was a great learning experience.

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Tour a Vineyard

Planning a Weekend getaway to Sula Vineyard in Nasik mostly during winters in Feb 2018.

Discover an Island

My so-called mini honeymoon took me to Andamans.

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Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day

This is next to impossible for me to experience, but still why lose hope.

Luxury stay- Stay in a 5-Star Resort

Sure this can be done in the coming few years. When I stop doing random shopping and start saving.

Sundowner in a 5-Star Resort

This was an unusual experience. It was all new for me. The place was super cool and in fact, they served wet towels when you settle so that you can relax and freshen up at your seat. Got a good sunset view and luxury treatment.

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Step Foot in all 7 Continents

In the coming next 30 years or so.

Set Foot on Antarctica

Really not sure if I can achieve this.

To be at the highest point

I have been to Dubai and Malaysia, where I got a chance to visit both the Burj Khalifa and Petronas Tower.

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Step foot in two different countries

When I visited Dwaki, in Meghalaya I could actually step my foot in two different countries at a time- India and Bangladesh.

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Been to Guinness World Record First World Hotel

Been to the largest hotel in the First World Hotel which has 6,118 rooms.

Stay at a Boutique Villa

This was a planned visit. I had planned my Husband’s bday here. We really enjoyed our stay at the amazing Sky Villa- Rumourss Resort, Lonavala.

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Explore Europe

My most awEuropeeurope trip.


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I am planning to keep this blog active, so everything that I knock off from this list will get updated with an image or video. I will also keep adding more things to this list and try to cover most of them. My whole motive behind this is to keep myself motivated to travel, discover and explore/try new places and the new adventure every year. Cheers!!!


Hi, I am Purvi, a graphic designer by profession, and foodie by passion. Catch me here at my pictorial blog.

November 15, 2017



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