Five thing that annoys a pokemon go player

Five thing that annoys a Pokemon go player


Pokemon, the latest fad in Indian youth, the way people have gone bonkers even without its official launch explains the marvellous reach of Social media and our craze. Being one of the hundreds that go out each night to get different Pokemon, I must say I have really seen the parts of City that I didn’t even know existed. While the game is fun and you really get engrossed into. It’s very important to be careful, please don’t play while driving, don’t cause any traffic and please don’t trespass. Dedication is always good but when it becomes an addiction its bad. So please do watch yourself while playing.
I have been playing this game for a month now, though it was a struggle to download on iPhone but I could crack it. (nothing to be proud about 😐 ) I am at 16 level and have caught & evolved a good number of Pokemon’. Somewhere, to be honest, I got too involved with it, but must say it is a real fun game to stay fit.

With so much happening below are some few things that annoy any Pokemon Go player

You install the game on your phone, you get your first Pokemon, you get all excited. But don’t be as yet, because this sticky Pokemon is not gonna leave you easily and you will find the same damn Pokemon again and again and again and again. Word of Advice: Never loose hope, once you get going at better level; things start getting better. 🙂

Pokemon Go

When you see a Pokemon and you rush to catch it, you feed him, you spend 10 to 12 balls on it. But what happens!!! That Bugger simply keeps breaking free. I will be honest, I have been disheartened in my life, but when the Pokemon breaks free away even after so many attempts my heart just cries. 😛

Pokemon Go

Worst case it breaks free and runs away. Why God! What did I do to deserve this!!!!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Eggs; one of the biggest reason why I have started going for evening walks. Just so my Pokemon egg hatches. After walking for 5 to 6 hours in a week all you get is a same damn Pokemon that you got at very the first level. You just want to kill him. 🙂

when the egg is not worth at all

So after a tiring day at work, you get back home. At night you think of going hunting Pokemon and you are out. But what do you get on Screen

Pokemon Go

Happy Pokemon Hunting…!!!

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